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Circa Survive . 04.26.2011 .

Take Action (Vol. 10) [Compilation] .

08 - I Felt Free (Step Brother Remix)

Beau Taplin || long distance.  (via afadthatlastsforever)

When they work, long distance relationships
are the best sort of beautiful, I think. That a
person could wait months, cross miles and
oceans for a few short spectacular moments
with the person they love, that’s it, you know,
that’s what we’re all searching for.

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I’ve been physically, emotionally and verbally abused in relationships.
Don’t stay.
You can’t hold hands if they make fists too.
You’ll either completely lose who you are being with them
Or you’ll turn into exactly what they are
Or worse….
Don’t stay.
I’ve been the abused.
And in turn became an abuser to my abuser.
It is far better to leave someone like that
Than to stay.
Find someone that deserves you.
Find someone that builds you up and doesn’t turn you down.
Don’t lose yourself to someone unworthy of you.

Someone have sex with me. Ok bye.


I’m watching this episode right now. This was the first time she waited to have sex and admitted being in love. Everything she put into waiting and everything she thought it would be, finally giving it up, she was left unsatisfied. Story of my life.

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sicksixthsenses asked: I just saw Brand New last night and they were amazing, if you have the chance to see them you need to.



We second this.  I’ll be seeing them for the (maybe) 9th time next Saturday!

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If anxiety burned calories I’d be the skinniest bitch alive.
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